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Free Trial Classes
GogoEnglish    试听课程

1. 联系Go-go课程顾问
2. 要进入正确的班级,可能需要进行英语水平评估,安排时间,参加简短的考试或面见老师进行评估。
3. 安排在最合适的时间进入课程。

Go-Go English Trial classes

Try for free!
Experience the class of your choice and ensure the correct fit, consider the resources and materials, evaluate the teacher, feel the environment and meet your classmates.
1. Contact a Go-go class consultant
2. Placement in the correct class may require an English level assessment, arrange a time, take a brief exam or meet the teacher in person for evaluation. 
3. Schedule and enter the class at the most suitable time.
No Risk, Nothing to Lose 

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